This year we have bought the comp forward to July based on member’s feedback.
Details of this year’s comp are yet to be finalised and will be updated when available.
* Last year’s comp details as a guide*. (Subject to change)
We have a 9 species challenge: $50 vouchers for Red Emperor, Snapper, Parrot, Sweetlip (all), Pearl Perch, Big Fish (No Eels, Sharks or rays), Flathead, Bream, Whiting with random prize for all runner up fish species.
Most Species challenge $30 voucher,
Captains Meritorious award $50 voucher plus trophy presented for best capture or outstanding action of one competitor.
All fish must be weighed and measured at the club campsite. Released fish must photographed on a mat and the image sent to the comp captain. Please log all your best captures on the ANSA website too.
All fish must be measured for both caudal fork and total length. Prizes will be awarded on fork length.
A maximum of three first prizes can be won by the one competitor. Second placed fish will be awarded first prize in this instance.
Cod and Bill fish are included in the Big Fish category.
Prizes will be awarded at 7pm on Friday unless conditions dictate otherwise.
Please register your attendance on the Facebook Event Notice and with the Club Captain on arrival.
Channel 72 Vhf marine radio for club chatter when within 10 kms of each other.
All competitors must log on and off with the Tin Can Bay Coastguard on channel 80 before crossing the Widebay bar. Check for the latest crossing waypoints and weather.
Boat owners and operators (skippers) are reminded of their General Safety Obligations under the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994. Make sure you know your obligations before operating a vessel.