Sunshine Coast Sportfishing Club Inc.

Club Championship Leader Board

Last Updated – August 2021

Updated 11/04/2022


The winner will be determined as the angler who has completed the challenge of capturing and correctly submitting, via the ANSA Qld website or the Fishamon app, 12 selected species in a single season. If no angler completes the challenge of all 12 species then it will fall to the next highest number of species. In case of a draw, the angler with the most trophy fish will win, followed by comparison of length of alike species, followed by the most combined centimetres over legal length.

  • All tackle. It is up to the angler to determine their tackle as defined by the ANSA Qld Rule Book.
  • Minimum eligible size of the Queensland legal length.
  • No Maximum length even if the fish is subject to a fisheries max length (these fish must be released).