Sunshine Coast Sportfishing Club

Sunshine Coast Sportfishing Club Records

Notes: Club Records:

The following Club Records have been correlated using known paper based fish capture records and ANSA Qld electronic fish capture records.

Updates will be confirmed by our Club’s Recorder as part of the monthly capture review of electronic fish capture reports.

If member’s have confirmed captures that require an updating to any club record please advise our club recorder via email with details of their claim.

New Club Records Claimed for Season 2023-24 so far (updated 06/05/24)



Notes: ANSA Records:

Members wishing to claim an ANSA Qld or National Record should fill in the claim form ANSA ATLO Record Claim Form as soon as possible and submit it to the Club Recorder via email  so that the following time line can be met. 

  1. Club Recorder to submit the claim to the Branch Recorder within 35 days from the date of Capture.
  2. Branch Recorder to submit the claim to the National Recorder within 70 days from date of capture.

Missing information must not be filled in by the Club or Branch Recorder – this practice makes the claim a forgery.   The Club or Branch Recorder has the option to reject the claim or return claim for the missing information, provided time is available for the claim to reach the National Recorder by the 70 day deadline. 

Length Records (ATLO)

Click to view the SCSFC Current ATLO Records at 06-05-24

Click to view the ANSA Qld ATLO Records

Click to view the ANSA Qld Trophy Fish Leaderboard 

Click to view the ANSA National ATLO Records

Weight Records (Line Class)

The Club is no longer updating Line Class Records. Line Class record claims should be submitted via ANSA Qld ANSA Line Class Record Claim Form

Click here to view the ANSA Qld Line Class Records

Click here to view the ANSA National Line Class Records