Sunshine Coast Sportfishing Club Inc.


The club hosts a number of fishing competitions throughout the year. Competitions are conducted across various environments including fresh water impoundments, estuary systems, beaches and offshore.

Members are also given the opportunity to compete in ANSA Qld competitions as well as other competitions hosted by ANSA Qld Clubs.

While the bulk of fishing undertaken by members is for the table the majority of competitions are based on an All Tackle Length Only (ATLO) format with a photo on a brag-mat as evidence of the capture.

This provides the angler the opportunity to practice sustainable catch and release fishing while competing.

The Club is adopting the ANSA Qld electronic capture recording system. This system allows members to record their catch on-line at the ANSA Qld web site on their computer, phone or device.

Electronic entries are automatically in the running for all Club and ANSA QLD’s competitions applicable to your capture.

Click here to download the Club’s Competition Calendar 

Click here to record your fish capture electronically on the ANSA Qld web site.