Sunshine Coast Sportfishing Club Inc.

Annual Awards - 2022/2023 Season

Click here to record your fish capture electronically on the ANSA Qld web site.

Club Champion SeniorThe winner will be determined as the angler who has completed the challenge of capturing and correctly submitting 12 selected species in a single season. If no angler completes the challenge of all 12 species then it will fall to the next highest number of species. In case of a draw, the angler with the most trophy fish will win, followed by comparison of length of alike species, followed by the most combined centimetres over legal length.
• All tackle. It is up to the angler to determine their tackle as defined by the ANSA Qld Rule Book
• No minimum or maximum length criteria apply (it is a species challenge)
Selected Species;
• Mackerel (all), Tuna (all), Kingfish (all including amberjack and cobia),
• Australian Bass (wild and impoundment), Golden Perch (wild and impoundment), Barramundi (wild and impoundment),
• Flathead (all), Bream (all, not seabream), Queenfish (all),
• Snapper, Pearl Perch, Red Emperor.
Length upgrades allowed
Club Champion JuniorSame criteria as above for junior anglers as per ANSA Qld rules.
Angler of the Year
• Line Class
The winner will be determined as the angler who accumulates the most points from capturing and correctly submitting fish from the ANSA Qld Eligible Species List in a single season
Eligible Capture Criteria:
• Only one fish of each species is eligible however the capture can be upgraded during the season
• Line classes and tackle per ANSA Rule book
• Points awarded per ANSA Rule Book
• Line class captures can also be eligible for all other annual awards
• Juniors eligible (no separate category)
Angler of the Year

• Freshwater
• Coastal
• Reef
• Pelagic
Anglers of the Year Divisions are awarded to the angler/s that captures and correctly submits the most species per the ANSA Qld Eligible Species List in a single season.
• Divisions are determined by using ANSA Qld divisions. See website for full details
• No minimum or maximum length criteria apply (it is a species challenge)
• All tackle per ANSA Rule Book (no line class categories)
• Juniors eligible (no separate category)
President's TrophySelected by the SCSFC President.
Awarded to a club member for Outstanding Contribution to the SCSFC
Most Improved SportfisherSelected by Competition Committee.
Awarded to the Club Member who has shown the most commitment and progress in their sportfishing life.
Most Meritorious Capture/AchievementSelected by Competition Committee.
Awarded to a member for an outstanding capture or achievement
Dunny Seat AwardSelected by the Awards Committee Chair. This prestigious and coveted award goes to a club member who performs the most outstanding and/or out of character act of danger and awkwardness. You are not a true-blue member of the club elite until you have received the special award.
Non Award Category
• Monitoring and tagging: participation certificate
• Bucket List: achievement certificate
Capture Submission• From 1st July 2021, all captures must be submitted online via the ANSA Qld portal.